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Graphite friction material

Regardless of the material of the brake pads, the materials are as follows: binder + fiber + filler + conditioner + friction agent + lubricant.

In the formulation of friction materials, the choice of fillers must be aware of the properties of the filler and its role in the various properties of the friction material. Proper use of fillers determines the properties of the friction material and is also very important in the manufacturing process.

As a friction reducing material, graphite can reduce the friction coefficient and reduce the wear of the dual material, thereby improving the service life of the friction material.

Product Features:

Our friction material products have high purity and high degree of graphitization. In the production process, we have high-temperature graphitization and purification treatment of raw materials, and high-purity, high-graphitability artificial graphite is more likely to form transfer film on friction material and dual surface. It has excellent anti-wear performance;

Low impurity content: no hard particles such as silicon carbide that can generate noise and scratch the dual surface;

Porosity: It can stabilize the friction coefficient, reduce thermal decay, and improve recovery performance.

It has the advantages of excellent thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance;

Special process new graphite: In addition to the characteristics of ordinary artificial graphite, it also has the characteristics of further reducing noise and increasing comfort.

The company has a large production scale and can provide stable supply of goods all the year round to meet the needs of large-volume procurement.

Friction material technical index

Artificial graphite (KW-FAG96/KW-FAG94/KW-FAG88)

The product obtained by high-quality calcined petroleum coke as raw material and graphitized by high temperature of 2700 degrees or higher.Product characteristics: high purity, high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength, good oxidation resistance, more effective stable braking Sheet friction coefficient.

Artificial graphite

Artificial graphite

*We can process the required particle size according to customer requirements

Artificial graphite application field

Artificial graphite

Coke powder / high elastic graphite

KW-FPC coke powder

The coke powder friction material is made of high-quality raw coke calcined by our company and processed through multiple processes. The performance and indexes are better than ordinary petroleum coke and the carbon content is high. It can be used as a friction modifier.Performance advantages: wear resistance, high hardness, high strength.

KW-FGT high elastic graphite

This product is made of high-quality raw materials, processed by spheroidization, strict screening and high-temperature purification process. It has high purity, high elasticity and porosity, which helps to reduce noise.

high elastic graphite

Coke powder / high elastic graphite technical indicators

high elastic graphite

Coke powder / high elastic graphite application collar

high elastic graphite