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Carbon raiser

The carbon raiser is divided into a common carbon raiser and a graphite carbon raiser. According to different smelting processes, it can play the role of adding carbon during steel making and casting to increase the strength of steel and castings.

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Carbon raiser
Carbon raiser

Ordinary carbon raiser can be classified into pitch coke, calcined petroleum coke and coal-based carbon raiser depending on the absorption rate in molten steel. We conclude that pitch coke as a carbon raiser is the one with the highest absorption rate, which is easier to absorb, and than calcined petroleum coke ranks the second.

The graphite carbon raiser is petroleum coke or pitch coke placed in a graphitization furnace. After a high temperature of 2400 ° C or higher, sulfur, nitrogen and volatile matter are all removed by chemical reaction. Graphite carbon raiser is a high-quality carbon raiser for low-sulfur, low-nitrogen and high-carbon in steelmaking and casting, also known as low-nitrogen carbon raiser. According to different raw material sources and manufacturing processes, graphite carbon raiser can be divided into the following four types: graphitized pitch coke, graphitized petroleum coke, artificial graphite granules, and electrode crush.

Our company can produce different grades of carbon raiser series. Our products have excellent characteristics such as high carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen and less harmful impurities. They are widely used in steel, metallurgical casting and other industries, and we have accumulated a large number of customers for a long time. The products are sold at home and abroad and have received wide priaise. We can customize different granular products according to customer needs.

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