Graphite products

Your unknown application of graphite materials in the aerospace field

Graphite processing

Because of its self-lubricating properties, easy forming and processing, good thermal conductivity, thermal stability and stable chemical properties, graphite is widely used in the aerospace field, such as sealing materials, throat lining materials, electric brush materials, etc.

Sealing material

The performance of the sealing material directly determines the reliability of the seal. With the development and progress of science and technology, more and more stringent requirements are put forward for sealing materials. As the space station has severe environmental changes such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, microgravity, and corrosion, the sealing materials of the space station are mainly used in the propulsion system of the spacecraft, the sealing of structural components such as the wing end and elevons, as well as the hydraulic system and aerodynamics. The static and dynamic sealing of the box, valve and other parts in the system. However, due to the fast rotation of the engine shaft, the graphite material cannot meet the requirements for the tensile strength of the sealing material, so the graphite material cannot be used as the shaft seal material.

Throat lining material

The characteristics of graphite material such as high temperature resistance, ablation resistance and light weight performance provide conditions for it to become a small rocket solid rocket motor (SRM) throat lining material. With the continuous improvement of all aspects of SRM requirements, graphite throat lining materials also need to improve their ablation resistance. In the mid-1960s, my country's first generation of throat lining material T704 high-density high-strength graphite material was independently developed by Shanxi Coal Chemistry Research Institute, Harbin Electric Carbon Research Institute and Xi'an Aerospace Composite Materials Research Institute. In the early 1980s, the T705 graphite material jointly developed by Harbin Electric Carbon Research Institute and Xi’an Aerospace Composite Materials Research Institute has greatly improved its ablation resistance. The parts are widely used.

T707, T715 and T711 graphite materials have ablation resistance and can also be used as throat lining materials for small rocket SRM, which belong to the second generation of throat lining materials in my country. The developed isotropic CDK-20 graphite material can be used as the third-generation throat lining material of the small rocket SRM by using the isostatic pressing process. Application research is ongoing.

Brush material

Brushes are mainly used in various engines, converters and motors, etc., and require good electrical conductivity, wear resistance and commutation function. There are two main types of electric brushes. One is graphite brushes made of resin or coal tar pitch as a binder and graphite powder and metal powder as materials, also called colored brushes; the other is carbon Materials (such as graphite powder, coke powder, etc.) are made of main raw materials, also called black electric brushes.