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The advantages of graphite rods

Graphite Electrode

The graphite rod itself is a cylindrical material of artificial graphite, which can be used for point, mechanical weighing, high temperature resistant dielectric materials, etc. The high-quality characteristics of graphite rods are the characteristics of graphite, which have the advantages of low resistivity, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, etc. .

The life span of the graphite rod has a lot to do with its degree of oxidation. In a normal temperature environment, graphite rods start to oxidize from more than 500 degrees Celsius, but the degree of oxidation is very small. As time changes and temperature rises, the degree of oxidation of graphite rods begins to increase.The impregnated graphite rods have better high temperature resistance than ordinary graphite rods. How to extend the service life of graphite rods? You can add nitrogen or ammonia for anaerobic protection, or apply some anti-oxidation coating on the graphite rod itself, which can play an ideal protective role;

Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity;
Low linear expansion book, good thermal stability and heat shock resistance Has good lubrication and anti-wear properties
Chemical resistant clothing does not react easily with polymetals At high temperature, the strength increases with temperature