Graphite products

Problems that should be paid attention to in special graphite processing

Graphite Electrode

Although special stone grinding is a graphite material that is very easy to cut, the graphite material (hot work die steel) used as an EDM electrode must have sufficient strength to avoid damage during operation and EDM processing, and the electrode shape (thin wall) , Small rounded corners, sharp changes), etc. also put forward higher requirements on the grain size and strength of the graphite electrode, which causes the graphite workpiece to be easily broken during the processing and the tool is easy to wear.

The machine tool should have a sealed and protected linear guide, and the ball screw should have positive pressure airflow dust-proof characteristics to prevent abrasive materials from entering the moving parts of the high-speed machining center.

All motion control electronic components and motors for graphite processing should be protected by sealed protective covers to prevent contamination of the machine tool control system.

It should be equipped with a complete set of sealing protection devices, graphite processing and processing and safety locks, and connected with a dust suction airflow system. This processing system is ideal for graphite processing, glass fiber composite materials, ceramics or any abrasive material.