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Is the price of graphite powder expensive in the industrial sector?

Graphite Electrode

Graphite is pink, black and opaque, and belongs to non-metallic minerals. The processing technology of graphite powder is different, and its application in various fields is also different, so the price of graphite powder is also different, and the price is also determined according to the number of meshes. Here is a brief introduction to the application of graphite powder in the industrial field. Graphite powder has superior performance and is widely used in many industrial fields according to its different characteristics.

Graphite powder has strong self-lubricating properties. According to this feature, graphite powder can be used as a lubricating material. For example, adding an appropriate amount of graphite powder with good lubricating properties to the lubricating oil will improve the lubricating performance and high temperature resistance of the oil. Graphite powder has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and self-lubricating properties. It can be used as a powder metallurgy mold release agent, mold release lubricant, and high temperature resistant lubricant.

Graphite powder has good electrical conductivity, and conductive graphite powder is also widely used in industrial fields. For example, conductive materials such as electrodes, brushes, conductive dry films, battery materials, carbon brushes, etc. In addition, graphite powder can also be used in insulators such as silicone rubber, rubber and plastic products, resins, etc., to change the resistance value, and play the role of conduction and anti-static.