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    Founded in 1998, Tianjin Kimwan Carbon Material Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development of new carbon materials and graphite materials. It is committed to the deep development and research and application of special carbon graphite materials in the cutting-edge industry. There are years of wisdom. After years of development, the company has established three production bases:Tangshan Jinwan Special Carbon Graphite Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Qingshan Special Graphite Carbon Co., Ltd., and Anhui Kimwan Carbon Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.. The factory has a complete raw material preparation system and molding. System, roasting system, impregnation system, graphitization process system and complete scale graphite product processing system. The products are mainly composed of four types: molding, extrusion, isostatic pressing and vibration. The full product range includes more than 60 kinds like graphite electrode, carbonizer, friction material and anode material,etc. The high-quality special graphite materials produced have the characteristics of low impurity content, high strength, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, strong oxidation resistance, low electrical resistivity, corrosion resistance and easy precision processing. They are widely used in batteries, metallurgy and machinery. In the nuclear industry, railway, aerospace and other fields. The products have strong technical and resource competitive advantages in the graphite carbon industry. At present, 60% of the products are exported to overseas markets, covering more than 50 countries and enjoying high popularity in the industry. , deeply recognized by the majority of users. The company's operating system has passed the quality management system ISO9001, environmental management system ISO14001, occupational health and safety management system OHSAS18001 certification and IATF16949 management system certification. The scale of production has been continuously expanded, and the quality of products has been further improved. At present, it is at the domestic advanced level in terms of product innovation, informationization and industrial scale.

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    1. In 2010, the company was rated as an excellent technology enterprise in Hedong District.

    2. The “Development and Development Project of Carbon Battery Anode Materials for Lithium Batteries” declared in 2011 has been approved by the National Science and Technology Ministry of Science and Technology Technology Innovation Fund.

    3. From 2011 to 2013, She was awarded the title of Tianjin Civilized Unit.

    4. In 2012, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

    5. In 2012, She was awarded the Tianjin Patent Pilot Unit by Tianjin Intellectual Property Office.

    6. In 2013, She was awarded the title of Tianjin Science and Technology Small Giant Leading Enterprise, Top 100 Technology Innovation Enterprises, and 100 Advanced Enterprise Organizations.

    7. The “Special Graphite Carbon Materials R&D” project declared in 2014 has been approved as a major project for Tianjin Science and Technology Little Giants Leading Enterprises.

    8. In 2015, the research and development project of lithium battery carbon anode material has won the third prize of the enterprise group of new material field in Tianjin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and was shortlisted in the final of the 4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. At the same time, the product of this project was awarded Tianjin Killer products.

    9. In 2015, the project “Research and Development of Anode Carbon Plate Materials for Fluorine Production” passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal and registered the Tianjin Science and Technology Achievements.

    10. In 2015, he was awarded the honorary title of “Model Workers and Small Family” by Tianjin General Union.

    11. In 2016, it obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 international quality management system certification.

    12. In 2016, the high-speed railway electric locomotive pantograph Carbon Strips and high-performance friction material—high-elastic graphite were respectively rated as key new products in Tianjin.

    13. In 2017, Mr. Yan Wenping, the company's legal person, was awarded the honorary title of special government allowance expert by the State Council; the friction material was awarded the honorary title of Tianjin Specialized Product; the company obtained the TS16949 automobile industry quality management system certification.

    14. In 2018, the “One Belt and One Road” international science and technology cooperation project was established; the company set up a special graphite carbon material engineering technology research and development center.